Winterization Information & Tips


To request a winter closing date or to sign up for our Winter Watch Program please contact us.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your pool clean and clear year round:

  • Keep your pool in operation until it is closed: Maintaining your pool’s circulation, clarity,  chemistry, and cleaning until the day of winterization gives your pool the crucial head start to a hassle-free opening in the spring.
  • Close late:  Waiting to close your pool allows the water temperature to drop, making it harder for algae to grow and easier for the winter chemicals to do their job.  We recommend waiting until October for our Eastern Shore climate.
  • Winter Watch Program: Your pool’s water level and chemistry should be monitored all winter to maintain clarity and prevent any freeze damage from high water levels.  Off-season chemical treatments prevent problem algae blooms.
  •  Platinum Service Contracts: Our Customized Platinum Service Contracts will give you turn-key, year-round pool service and peace of mind for a discounted flat rate.  We would be happy to give you a free quote.  Let us know!
  • Open Early: We only recommend that “traditional” openings be done before May 1st, preferably before April 15th.  Leaving the pool stagnant as temperatures increase causes pools to turn green and openings to become expensive!
  • Pump, Cleaner, and Filter Maintenance:  Have your pumps & automatic cleaners repaired or serviced over the winter for a flat labor rate every few years. Preventative maintenance is always less expensive!
  • Two-Step Premier Opening:  If you want to leave your cover on past May 1st then this is the opening for you.  As the originators of this method, we know that a two-step opening prevents pools from turning green and will save you money!  The two-step opening is highly recommended and the most cost-efficient method for opening pools with mesh-type pool covers.  This opening method is perfect for pools to be ready to swim after May 1st.  This method reduces heavy algae build up, chemical consumption, and labor required to open a pool as compared to leaving the pool stagnant until May.  Step 1 sets the pool in operation in late March or early April but the cover is left on.  Step 2 is completed when you are ready to swim.  The filter pressure and chemistry are monitored between steps.  Let us know if you have any questions!

AQUA Winterization Guarantee: AQUA guarantees the replacement or repair, at no cost to you, of any freezing damage to filter, heating or piping provided the work has been done before freezing weather, under the terms of this agreement.  AQUA cannot assume responsibility for any structural damage due to deck or ground movement, ground water and related uncontrollable conditions, for vinyl liner wrinkles caused by liner floating, or stains due to organic matter or fungus in pool.  AQUA shall not be responsible for the winterization of any fresh fill lines, water fountains,  house plumbing, etc.


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