New Interactive Book Confirms 5 Health Benefits to Soaking in Warm Water

Hot Water & Healthy Living 2.0 highlights the benefits of soaking in warm water

Hot Water & Healthy Living 2.0 highlights the benefits of soaking in warm water.

Thinking about a hot tub?  It’s good for your health!

Hot Water & Healthy Living Gen. 2.0 reveals how 20 minutes a day soaking in warm water makes for healthier bodies, hearts, minds and lifestyles. For centuries, people have wondered about why they feel so refreshed after immersing in a bath or a hot tub. This new interactive book highlights the work of researchers, as it explains the science behind the soak.

Authored by Jonathan B. “J.B.” Smith, Ed.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Hot Water & Healthy Living includes more than 25 sources of scholarly scientific research presented in a manner that is easy to understand.

“We believe people experience healthier lives with regular aquatic activity,” said Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D., CEO of National Swimming Pool Foundation. “We want everyone to view this free book to understand how to feel better every day.”

Hot Water & Healthy Living provides a thorough review of how the pressure and warmth of warm-water immersion causes the heart to pump more blood, the chest to work harder to breathe, and the mind and body to relax. “The effects of aquatic immersion are profound, and impact virtually every body system,” summarizes Dr. Bruce Becker.

View the book here!

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