C. Wayne Sutphin, Jr, Easton Maryland

….your staff arrived promptly at 7:30 to begin replacing the liner in our pool. Your staff was neatly dressed and immediately started carrying the needed tools and supplies and setting up their work area. They did not stand around for 10-15 minutes drinking coffee and chatting. I met with Joe, and he explained in detail everything that was going to take place. Their approach was very methodical and well thought out with each task. They allowed time for me to obtain additional photographs and answered all my questions as the work progressed.
Each staff member took great pride with each task they performed. Nothing was rushed, and Joe has a keen eye for perfection. We are extremely satisfied with the new liner and rave about the craftsmanship and pride that your staff put into this project. It is very obvious that your staff places a lot of pride in their work and what the finished product looks like….It is very obvious that you and your staff place customer satisfaction as your number one priority. Mary and I cannot express to you our gratitude for making this a pleasant experience and we are proud to be a member of the AQUA Pool & Spa family of customers! In closing, I would like to once again say on behalf of Mary, Hannah, and myself Thank you!!!!!

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