Lenny Jachimowicz, Grasonville

I am writing this to recognize one of your employees who helped me this past Monday. His name is Jason and he along with another gentleman was opening my neighbor, Scott Duncan’s, pool.  After I drained and cleaned my pool on Sunday it was losing water at the rate of an inch per hour.

I called six companies to come out and trouble shoot the problem but, as you know, this time of the year everyone is busy.

Ironically I walked five doors up to Scott Duncan’s house for another reason and saw the Aqua Pool truck. After I talked to Scott I walked over to Jason and mentioned my water lose  problem. He quickly told me that they were very busy and could not come look at my pool but here is the part that prompted me to write this e mail.

He stopped what he was doing and asked me several questions. Once I told him I drained the pool he quickly said it was probably the hydro-static valve in the bottom drain. He then went one step further by going to his truck and showing me a valve.

He was right. I drained the pool again and found several rocks holding the valve in the open position. My pool is working fine now thanks to Jason taking an interest in my problem.

Here is the part I find refreshing.

I have been in the hospitality business for over forty years. It is rare to find someone that truly understands “customer service” whether you are a current or potential future customer. By Jason taking time (it was really only 2 to 3 minutes) to listen, and sincerely attempt to help, he made such a positive  impression that I will be telling everyone I know who needs pool service about Aqua Pools.

At Marriott we spend millions of dollars in marketing and advertising to attract and retain customers. However,  there is nothing more powerful than one of your employees doing something unexpected for a customer that prompts that customer to tell the story to everyone they know. I am now that future customer that will tell everyone about Aqua Pools.

Please pass my thanks and this message to Jason and I look forward to having Aqua work on my pool in the future.

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