Duncan Covington, Sudlersville

…I received a phone call on the day that hurricane Isabelle was due to blow into town. It was from Leroy who works in the service department at The AQUA Company in Easton. He called to recommend that we leave the pool cover open, as the cover pump would probably not keep up with the expected down pour. He said that cleaning up the pool after the storm would be much easier than repairing the pool cover. My point, this is two years after the sale, the day of the hurricane, and Leroy from The AQUA Company took the extra time and effort to give us a call with a recommendation about the pool that they had installed. That really says it all to me, they care about what they do. My feeling is it would be a cold day before I heard from Anthony Sylvan or the rest of the ‘mass merchant’ type pool installers. End to a long story, yes I’d recommend The AQUA Company.

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