Diane Horowitz, Trappe

Although no surprise to you, I’d like to share this with you! I performed the oh-so-easy quarterly maintenance on our spa. When I turned the jets on to treat the water, I thought SpongeBob hid a bushel of Krusty Krabs too close to the motor!
It was 4:30. I called anyway to leave a message requesting a service call. Not only did Jennifer answer the phone (did I mention it was 4:30?) but she stayed on the line to instruct me how to release possible air pressure.
Oh my! She heard it! She assured me it was only the circulation pump and it will be replaced tomorrow.
I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I found out the new pump Jim was popping in was still covered under warranty!

Thanks to you, your exceptional staff, and your awesome pools and spas!

Thank you even more for such exceptional customer service! After all these years AQUA Pools & Spas has consistently proven this is business as usual.

May you and yours enjoy a successful New Year as you so greatly deserve it!

With Sincere Appreciation

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