Platinum Service Special!

Thinking of renovating or building a swimming pool?

Know your pool builder!   Poolin’ the Shore since ’74, AQUA brings 46 years of experience serving the Eastern Shore to give you complete peace of mind when investing in your dream.

Join the AQUA family of pool owners and know that we will be here to service what we build, that your pool will endure over time, and best of all, will be a pleasure to own and enjoy.

For a limited time get a FREE Year of our Platinum Service with any new pool or major renovation!  Our Platinum Service customers enjoy year-round,  turn-key pool care without lifting a finger.

Offer valid until July 4th 2020.   Offer valid on new pool or major renovation contracts (above 40K) signed from 5.12.20 until 7.4.20.   Contact us for all the details.

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